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Bearings components are basic parts of most machines and equipment items, from large-size bearings used in mining applications to miniature ball bearings used in precision equipment.

Since 1989 Bearing Trade Centre has been a leader in the distribution of bearings in the Indian market with a product range of more than 2500 sizes in stock (Products available from 10mm bore to 500mm bore diameter)

With the help of 7 sales executives and 2 technical engineers and 11 people for the office work the company has established its position and become reliable on the basis of long lasting cooperation with companies from Industrial, Agricultural and Engineering sectors, which have appreciated the proven and first-rate product range of the bearings

Since our inception we have specialized in supply of bearing to manufacturers of Gear Boxes, Paper Plants, Pumps & Motors, Cement Plants, Textile Plants, Material Handling Systems, Steel Plants, Infrastructure building Equipments and Cotton Processing Plants.

Contact with perfectly prepared staff whose    involvement and knowledge guarantees the achievement of the    maximum level of customer satisfaction.

The agile and customized service by phone, fax and Internet – is indeed one of our stronger points. It enables our salesmen to keep direct and permanent contact with customers, learning their needs, offering promotions and special trade conditions, or some technical inputs. Such close relationship supplies us the customer's profile and database with relevant information, such as purchased items, amounts and orders periodicity, and enables us to provide a tailored service with products that really fulfill client's needs and expectations.

Cost saving with no compromise in working quality or product output  has been our mantra. On the basis of application data our dedicated team of engineers suggests right type of bearings for long life and maximum output and at the same time is cost effective.

All products supplied are manufactured using the most advanced design and production technologies available, ensuring outstanding quality,

We would be happy to hear from you to discuss and start new forms of co-operation and are confident that we are the ideal partner to help you increase your own business


We have entered an era of transformation that differs in magnitude and scope from the previous times; we are encountering challenges such as specialization of requirements in industrial society worldwide and technological advancements

We aim to be a multi-functional specialty trading company that widely contributes to industrial society by providing high-functionality products and to respond quickly to changes in the times.

Our vision is to be India’s most customer centric company in bearing industry; to build a place where people can come to buy and discover about any kinds of Bearings


Our first responsibility is to our customers. Without them we would have no reason for being a leading organization

   We strive…
  • To access to the comprehensive offer from Quality bearings producer.
  • To provide products of top quality as desired by Customers.
  • To Provide timely and safe product supply owing to efficient and effective logistics   
  • To Provide fast, competent and Customer-friendly supply owing to excellent sales organization.
  • To provide our valuable customers wide selection of Quality products competitively priced and delivered with courtesy and Professionalism
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